What should I wear for my horse riding lesson?

Clothing needs to be comfy and safe though not necessarily traditional riding wear e.g. A top with capped sleeves or longer; Closely fitting trousers, leggings, joggers; Shoes with a flat(ish) sole and small heel. Uggs, trainers, ballet pumps and similar are not suitable footwear.

Be weather appropriate and come prepared for sun or rain.

Please ensure you tie long hair back and remove any jewellery except small stud earrings.


Are hats provided?

Yes, hats are provided at no extra cost.


How many lessons will I need?

Everyone learns at a different rate and in a different way. Individuals also have varying levels of confidence, balance, dexterity and ambition. All these factors will have a bearing on the speed at which you learn. Therefore it is not possible for us to estimate how many lessons you will need to reach a certain ability.


What happens in the event of bad weather?

Horse riding is an outdoor activity in which people participate all year round. Unless conditions are unsafe your lesson will go ahead. This will be at the discretion of your Instructor.


Is there a weight limit?

Yes – 13.5 st or 86kg


What is the Cancellation Policy?

For lessons and hacks:

Please be aware that we have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

This means that you need to give us, whatever the reason, a MINIMUM of 24 hours’ notice in order to avoid having to pay for your lesson. Please note that we do not cancel lessons due to weather.

We do understand that on occasions, cancellation cannot be avoided, however in these instances we are unable to replace your booking with another one and are left with a gap. This is a problem for us as we make every effort not to book too many customers at one time, for both the welfare of our animals and to avoid overcrowding in the arena, thus leaving us with unavoidably narrow profit margins. For these reasons you will still be charged for your lesson.

Please also note that we are unable to hold slots open for more than one week ahead, unless the missed lesson is paid for. Therefore if you do cancel your lesson, even within the required notice period, we will ask you to call to rebook.

For Pony Days:

On booking your pony day, you will be asked to pay a £30.00 deposit.

This deposit is returnable for any pony days cancelled with a minimum of 72 hours’ notice.

Should you cancel with less than 72 hours’ notice, we will be unable to return your deposit.

We have a longer cancellation policy buffer for pony days because they involve a lot more planning than a lesson and often replace normal lesson bookings that we may have taken.