About Us

Northaw Riding School was established in 2012 to provide for and cater to the growing demand for BHS horse riding lessons in North London and Hertfordshire. We offer horse riding lessons for everyone: for beginners and experienced riders alike, both children and adults, individuals and groups. Additionally we offer a range of hacking, allowing you to enjoy the countryside on horseback to it’s maximum, as well as parties, events, pony days, tailor-made horse experiences and more. For more on prices and times click here.

Horse Riding

Each of Northaw Riding School’s instructors are British Horse Society qualified.

Our aim is to the teach the beginner student the horse riding basics and horse care and allow the more advanced rider to further excel in his/her ability. We have a variety of friendly horses and ponies suitable for each of the different types of horse riding that we offer and under the supervision of our experienced instructors, students can reach their full potential by improving their riding skills. We have a “safety first” motto whilst not neglecting fun!

From beginner riding through to advanced we welcome you at Northaw Riding School. Whatever your riding ability we’d love to hear from you.



Our horse hacking rides will take you through the estate at Northaw Manor Equestrian Centre, which is nestled within the beautiful rolling countryside of Northaw in Hertfordshire.

We offer direct access to miles of road-free bridleways, some of which can be accessed from within the centre, plus also nearby are the stunning Northaw Great Woods.

As a part of the largest private estate in Northaw we are confident you will enjoy extensive acres as well as the local countryside and bridleways.



We have a number of regular Events at Northaw Riding School. Please contact us for the details about the latest Events – we’d love you to join us.